Poem of the Week – Poem by etchingss

Up until that very moment,
I have never realized how many
little things I loved about people.
The way their breathing changes as
they fall into a deep sleep.
The way they can’t keep eye contact
if they’re nervous.
The way they sound over the phone.
The way every part of someone lights up when
talking about someone they are infatuated with.

I love the little things that you
must take the time to notice.
People are such remarkable beings.
We are the only species able to
communicate by speech and yet
we choose not to.
We swallow our words when
we should be spitting them out.
Until the moment passes,
and then it’s much too late.

– Steph Donaher (etchingss)


This wonderful poem comes from Steph Donaher (Tumblr name, etchingss). For more of Steph’s work please click the link below to check out her tumblr.

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