Writer’s Guide to Character Traits, Linda N. Edelstein

the-writers-guide-to-character-traitsThis is a book I would recommend to all writers. I didn’t actually know it existed until a couple months ago, but since then this book has been so incredibly helpful in planning my characters. This book contains, as you may expect, various character traits and how a character with those traits would act. This isn’t necessarily a book you need to read every detail of right away as you can go through it time and time again; through the varying categories to find what you need.

There’s fourteen chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of the many characters you may create. From ‘Real People and Believable Characters’ to ‘Psychological Disorders’ to ‘Love, Marriage, and Other Arrangements’, this book contains more information than I would’ve thought possible.

Each chapter is set up in basically the same way. It starts with the category and then tells you exactly what will be in that chapter. Each of those then becomes a subcategory that is then talked about. From here it depends on the information given, some are just blocks of information while other are point form. Either way, every word is interesting and the examples given throughout the book help the reader to visualize what it’s explaining.

One of the things you can find in this book is personality types. Chapter two is dedicated to Adult Personality Types and goes on to list the traits of 23 of these types. It starts off with The Adventurer and then talks about the Internal Traits, Interpersonal Traits, and the Normal to Extreme Traits. Again, I never would’ve thought this much information could be in one book, especially not to the degree that it is presented. It talks about The Boss, The Conformist, The Eccentric, The Manipulator, and The Passive-Aggressive, and those are only a few.

Linda N. Edelstein’s book is chalk full of useful information. My copy already has tons of sticky notes in it where I’m marking the pages for various works. I would highly recommend this book to all writers who are looking to further develop their characters.

Do you have any writing books you found helpful?

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