Poem of the Week – “Poetry From My Best Friend’s Mouth”, poems-of-madness

“Poetry From My Best Friend’s Mouth:”

  1. You do not have responsibility for who you were yesterday.
    2. Everything in my mind is black and white, and there are only a few people I see in colors. I love those people.
    3. You are so used to be treated bad that when somebody treats you good, you get so goddamn terrified. Sometimes scary is good.
    4. He did not broke you. Nobody breaks you.
    5. I will take care of you when you go mad.
    6. I love honesty. I crave it. I am consumed by it.
    7. Love is not about throwing up butterflies.
    8. If a boy does not love your muchness, then leave.
    9. Sometimes I like going against myself to feel the world’s trouble on my skin.
    10. Nobody in this world can own me.
    – poems-of-madness

poems-of-madness writes about self-loving and confidence as they strive to make a positive change.

You can check out more of their work by following them on tumblr!

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