Your Writing Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

It Doesn't Have to be Perfect
So far this month I’ve talked about First Drafts and Writer’s Block. Today’s post is kind of a combination of the two because Writer’s Block can really affect how your first draft comes out. It can also really affect how every draft after the first comes out.

How is often do you write something that you love? How often do you write something on the very next page that you hate? I’m going to assume the answer is pretty often. If you’re writing NaNoWriMo, I’m going to assume the answer is every other page. Like the quote above says, “every page doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.”

Part of NaNo is knowing that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Part of writing a first draft (and a second and a third and possibly even a fourth) is that you will cringe at some of the stuff you’ve written. It’s inevitable.

It is, of course, important that you like what you’ve written and in most cases you will. But there will be certain things that you don’t like, even when the book is 100% done and ready to be put out in the world. So what do you do? How can you accept that there are certain things in your book that you don’t like?

Unfortunately, in some cases, there’s nothing you can do. You just kind of have to accept it. But in some cases that acceptance can actually lead to you liking it. The more you read, over and over and over again, the more you could possibly come to like it. It’s always hard to know for sure what to do when you don’t like something in your book. You may try to change it in a million different ways or have friends and family read it to try and fix it, but at the end of the day there may be nothing you can do. Who knows, maybe the part of your book you like the least will actually be one of the things your readers like the most.

How often do you write things and not like them?

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3 thoughts on “Your Writing Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

  1. For me, I would say quite often I write something that I don’t like but just as often I write something I do. I found that when I was following everyone’s advice on how to write I lost my voice, my style. I hated what I was writing. Since then, I’ve worked my way back to myself and now take that advice with a grain of salt.


    • Getting back to your writing voice can be hard especially when you’ve had so many people giving you conflicting advice. I think it’s inevitable that there will be at least one thing in someone’s writing that they don’t like, but like you said, there will be something they do like. I think finding that balance is important and can definitely help you find you own voice.

      I hope everything works out for you and I’m sure what you’re working on is amazing! 🙂


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