Creating A Writing Plan

writing a book pt.1
A writing plan. What is it? Why have one? Do you really need one? How do you make one? Those are all questions I’m going to answer here.


What is a Writing Plan?

A writing plan is exactly what it sounds like: a plan to help you with your writing. Whether it’s an essay, a novel, a short story, or a series of poems, a writing plan works in essentially the same way, give or take a few steps. It can involve planning certain things to happen on specific days or by a specific time or maybe a combination of both.



Why Have One?


A writing plan can be a great help no matter what it is you’re working on. If you’re writing an essay for class and you’ve got two weeks before it is due, then maybe you spend the first week writing the essay and the second week working on editing and refining. If you’re writing a novel a writing plan can be incredibly helpful. I think a great example of this is NaNoWriMo.


If you’re trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days, you’ll probably want to have some sort of writing plan. Maybe you’re writing plan is to just meet the word goal every day, but maybe it’s something a bit more than that. If you only have time to write in the first 15 days of the month, then obviously your writing plan is going to be different from someone who has all 30 days. Or maybe you want to write a certain scene on a certain day so you would create a writing plan to help you meet that goal.



Do You Really Need One?


No, of course not. It is totally up to you whether or not you have one. I would recommend it for certain projects that maybe have a specific deadline or that last for an extended period of time. Like I said before, NaNoWriMo is probably something you want some sort of plan for. Similarly, 365 day challenges is something you may want to have a writing plan for. If you are writing something every day then you probably have some idea of when you want to write. But again, it is totally up to you on whether or not you have one.



How Do You Make One?


Making a writing plan is easy. If your project has a set deadline, like the essay I mentioned before, then you would obviously have a writing plan that would allow you to complete your essay within those two weeks. On day one you could write the introduction; days two, three, and four, you could write the three body paragraphs; day five you write the conclusion. Then you can take a couple days to breathe, relax, before you begin refining your essay.


If you’re writing a novel then your writing plan will obviously be different. You want plan to write 1000 words a day, or maybe a chapter a day, essentially it’s whatever works for you and your project. I find the best way to keep track of your progress is to use a calendar to write down what your goal is and what you actually do for the day. So if you plan to write 1000 words on one day, but only do 900, then you could write it on the calendar. At that point, your goal for the next day may change to write 1100 words.


Writing plans are easy to make and a great help, no matter what project you’re working on. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether or not you use one and how you do it.



Do you use a writing plan? How do you do it?

writing a book

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