Gift Ideas For Readers and Writers

giftI’ve seen lots of posts like this. Ones talking about great gifts for certain people. I’m sure some of you have seen them too, maybe even written one. Well here’s one more! Here’s ten gift ideas for readers and writers!

1) John Green Box Set

JG Box Set

A great gift for fans of John Green or fans of young adult novels in general. Each book has a unique cast of characters and readers are bound to get sucked in to the story, no matter which novel is being read.

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2) Game of Thrones Box Set

GRRM Box Set
For readers who may not be looking for young adult novels, but want an epic fantasy to read, Game of Thrones is perfect for them. George R.R. Martin’s series keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first turn of the page and readers won’t be disappointed.

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3) Library Card Tote Bag

Tote Bag

Because what better way to carry all your library books home than in this library card tote bag?

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4) Finger Bookmark

Finger Bookmarks
I’ve seen this one of a few lists, but I felt I should include it because it is pretty awesome. This is perfect for those readers who like to know exactly what word they were on when they last closed the book!

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5) Mini Book Necklace


There are so many of these necklaces on Etsy and they are all amazing! You can get ones with quotes (like in the picture) or there are others with images. Some are even shaped like books! Whatever it is, these necklaces are a great gift for lovers of literature!

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6) Bookends

GoT Bookends

There are so many types to bookends out there and they make the perfect gift for any reader. You can get simple ones that don’t say anything or you can get decorative ones like the Game of Thrones ones in the picture.

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7) Literary Quote Pencils


Who wouldn’t love to write their story using pencils with quotes from their favourite stories?

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8) Literary Pillows

Pillow Case

There’s actually two ideas here. First is the pillow with a quote on it. Wouldn’t it be great to read past your bed time while leaning against a pillow that says you do so? The second thing is scrabble tile pillow cases! How amazing are these? If you gift these to someone they can spell whatever they want!

Buy Quote Pillow on Etsy


Buy Scrabble Cases on Etsy

9) Aqua Notes

Aqua Notes

A waterproof notepad. Perfect for when inspiration strikes in the shower, cause lets face it, some of us get our best ideas in the shower and aren’t able to write it down. Now you can!

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10) Literary Phone Cases

Phone Case
This one is of course dependent on the type of phone the person has, but these phone cases are fantastic. The one in the photo can be found on Etsy, but there are so many of these cases, some similar to the one in the picture and others that look like actual book covers. Either way, these can be a great gift for book and phone lovers.

 Buy on Etsy

There we go, ten gift ideas for readers and writers. Oh, here’s one more: when in doubt, get them their favourite brand of pen and notebook, that’s a surefire way to get the right thing. Happy Holidays!

Do you have ideas that aren’t on the list? What are they?

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