Names of the Week


Alternate Spelling: Aleksander, Alexzander
Nickname/Short Form: Alex
Pronunciation: Al-X-An-Der
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Protector of Man
Well-Known Alexanders: Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor), Alexander Skarsgard (Actor)


Pronunciation: Car-Men
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Garden
Well-Known Carmens: Carmen Electra (Model), Carmen Cortez (Spy Kids)


Pronunciation: Cat-Ya
Origin: Russia
Meaning: Pure
Well-Known Katyas: Katya Reimenn (Writer), Katya Derevko (Alias)
*Also: Character in my WIP is named Katya


Pronunciation: Fill
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Lover of Horses
Well-Known Phils: Phil Lester (Youtuber), Phil Collins (Singer)


Alternate Spelling: Sofia
Pronunciation: So-Fee-Ah
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Wisdom
Well-Known Sophias: Sophia Peletier (The Walking Dead) Sophia Bush (Actress), Sofia Vergara (Actress)

As a writer, I find names and their meanings and origins to be incredibly interesting and useful to know when I’m creating characters.

Every Saturday I will be posting five names, their pronunciation, origin, meaning, well-known people with that name, as well as any alternate spellings or nicknames.

If you have any names you would like to see or if there is anything you would like me to include with each name then let me know!

Majority of the information for all names I will post was gathered at meaning-of-names, Behind the Name, Nameberry, and BabyNames.

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3 thoughts on “Names of the Week

  1. Lots of neat picks for this week. ^ ^ I have two suggestions though. Names often have multiple definitions. It would be cool if you included more than one. And since your blog is mostly focused on stories, it would be neat if the name examples you give are ones from books or movies. ^ ^ Just some ideas. Happy writing!

    Stori Tori’s Blog

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