Names of the Week


Nickname/Short Form: Ky
Pronunciation: Ky-ler (Like Tyler, with a K)
Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: 1) Handsome One
2) Bowman/Archer
Well-Known Kyler’s: Kyler Mallory (Character in Nancy Drew novel)
*A character in my WIP novel, Brave Young Boys, is named Kyler


Nickname/Short Form: Meg
Pronunciation: Meg-E (Like Maggie, with an E)
Origin: Greece; Persian
Meaning: Pearl (Greek); Child of Light (Persian)
Well-Known Meggie’s: Meggie Folchart (The Inkheart Trilogy, Cornelia Funke), Meggie Cleary (The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough),


Pronunciation: tA-tum
Origin: England
Meaning: Cheerful; Brings Joy
Well-Known Tatum’s: Tatum O’Neal (Actress), Tatum Riley (Scream), Last name of actor Channing Tatum


Pronunciation: hA-zul
Origin: Ireland; England
Meaning: The Hazel Tree
Well-Known Hazel’s: Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars, John Green), Hazel Hayes (Youtuber), Hazel (Watership Down), Hazel Frost (X-Men Comics)


Nickname/Short Form: Link
Pronunciation: ling-kun
Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Village
Well-Known Lincoln’s: Lincoln Burrows (Prison Break), Lincoln (What Maisie Knew, book and film), Link (Character in Legend of Zelda Video Games), Last name of Abraham Lincoln

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