Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer

eclipseEclipse was by far my favourite of the four books in Stephenie Meyer’s series. In this novel there are many new threats that threaten the Cullen clan. With disappearances happening in Seattle, it becomes clear that vampires are the cause. The Cullens know they have to deal with the issue soon before it attracts the attention of the Volturi, the Italian vampires introduced in New Moon. Not only that, but now that the Cullens are back in Forks, Bella is caught between Edward and Jacob. It comes to a point where Bella has several choices to make.

There were many things about this book that I enjoyed. First, we learn the back story of several characters. We know all about Edward and we even learned a little about Carlisle and Esme’s pasts. But what about the rest of the Cullens? In Eclipse, we get a look into the past of Rosalie and Jasper and thereby we learn more about Emmett and Alice. These back stories helped add so much to their characters and suddenly they weren’t just ‘Edward Cullen’s siblings’, but now they were their own characters. Second, we don’t just learn more about some of the primary characters, but we also learn the outcome of a character we met in Twilight. Victoria returns and we learn that she has not been sitting idly by since James was killed at the end of the first novel, but rather has been planning her revenge against the Cullens.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a novel in the Twilight Saga without Edward, Bella, and Jacob. Now, normally, I’m not a huge fan of love triangles. They have to be really well done and different from other love triangles for me to like them. In the case of Eclipse, I enjoy the love triangle, not because it’s different from others, but because of how Edward and Jacob act around each other. Everything they sat to or about each other is full of sarcasm and sass. Their reactions towards the other can’t even be called hostile because majority of the time it turns into a funny situation which is one of the things I enjoyed most.

Out of all the books in the series, I think Eclipse was the best. Between the four novels, I feel this one was the best written and gave a deeper insight into more than just the three primary characters. It answered questions from the first two books while at the same time asking a whole series of new ones.

Have you read Eclipse? What did you think?

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