Names of the Week


Pronunciation: Karl
Origin: German
Meaning: Free Man
Well-Known Carls: Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman), Carl Gallagher (Shameless), Carl Howell (Glee), Carl White (Eastenders), Carl Edward Sagan (American Astronomer)


Pronunciation: E-dith
Origin: England
Meaning: Rich War; Prosperous in War
Well-Known Ediths: Edith ‘Edie’ Burchell (The Distant Hours, Kate Morton), Edith Prior (Divergent Trilogy, Veronica Roth), Edith Moor (Forsyte Saga, John Galsworthy), Edith (Despicable Me), Edith Wharton (American Novelist)


Nickname: Leo, Lenny
Pronunciation: Leh-nard
Origin: France
Meaning: Lion Bold
Well-Known Leonards: Leonard Bankhead (The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Edgenides), Leonard Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory), Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy (Star Trek), Leonard Nimoy (Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Quin
Pronunciation: kwin
Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Wise
Well-Known Quinns: Quinn Giather (Gone Series, Michael Grant), Quinn Abercromby (Reign of Fire), Quinn Fabray (Glee), Quinn Pensky (Zoey 101), Quinn Cummins (Actress)


Nickname: Vic, Vicky, Tory
Pronunciation: Vik-tor-eah
Origin: England
Meaning: Winner
Well-Known Victorias: Victoria (Twilight, Stepehenie Meyer), Victoria ‘Tory’ Brennan (Virals, Kathy Reichs, Victoria Rowell (Actress), Victoria Justice (Actress and Singer), Victoria Beckham (Singer, “Spice Girls”)

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