Connecting Fail

ConnectionsI’m terrible at connecting.

I write blog posts, I have a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Tumblr, and I even signed up for Flipboard (I’m still not totally sure what the point of it is and therefore don’t use it much).

I do fine with the whole media side of social media. I like and favourite things, occasionally I’ll comment on someone’s blog post, and I share things and have hashtags down. It’s the social part of “Social Media” that I struggle with.

When I say I occasionally comment on blog posts, I mean like once in a blue moon. I also favourite a lot of tweets, but am terrible at tweeting at others and connecting with them. I see all these people talking and tweeting with each other and I just sit here like, “How do you do it?”

How do you make these connections? I still have no idea. In the past couple years I managed to make connections with people through my fanfictions and now I’m figuring out how to do it through blogs and social media. It’s something I’m working on figuring out and am hoping to get better at soon.

How did you start making connections through social media and blog posts?


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2 thoughts on “Connecting Fail

    • Hi Susan, thanks so much for commenting. I guess it would depend, if it’s for stuff that’s writing related probably Twitter, but if it’s for talking about fanfiction and fandom’s and things like that then probably Tumblr. And yourself?


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