Fanfiction: How Can it Help You?

Fanfiction-For-Dummies-feature-image2Last month I made a post talking about my six years on fanfiction and I realized just how much fanfiction has helped me in my writing. So today that’s what I’m going to talk about.

How can fanfiction help your writing?

Now, before I go any further, I just want to say that the word “fanfiction” shows up an obnoxious amount in the post and I also cannot guarantee 100% that this post will actually be any help at all, despite the title sounding like a self-help flyer.

Fanfiction is a lot of things. It’s a way to develop your writing skills, learn how to write different characters, it introduces new environments and situations that maybe you wouldn’t deal with in your own writing.

A lot of people have a negative perception of fanfiction. Why is this? I have no idea. I know some people think all fanfiction is like 50 Shades of Grey (it’s not), but whatever the reason, fanfiction seems to have gotten a bad rep with some people.

But it actually is a good thing! I swear!

Writing fanfiction has given me the chance to do so many things. Writing characters from various countries, time periods, and even planets isn’t something I normally would have done. But through fanfiction I’ve done exactly that.

It’s not just taking someone’s work and copying it. People are so creative in heir fanfics!

College AUs, Werewolf AUs, Alpha/Omega Elements, Kid!fics, Sick!fics, and so much more. Don’t know what some of these are? That’s how creative fanfiction is! There’s this whole world people don’t know about. Fanfiction writers have their own language to help them know what a story is (AU, Slash, Drabble, Lemon, OC, OOC, OTP, PWP, R&R, RPF, etc.).

You can do whatever you want with the characters and the universe to make it your own. Now, obviously this is exactly what writing your own stuff is, except then it actually is yours. So why bother with fanfiction?

Do you ever get those days where the creativity just isn’t flowing right and you’re stuck on your story. You could try writing a short story or poem to get that creativity back OR you could let your brain relax a bit. Take some characters that have already been created and have fun with it

Because yes, fanfiction is a lot of work; no, it’s not all like 50 Shades; and yes, it is fun!

I love writing my own stuff, but fanfiction is something I love and something that has helped me so much and I think it could really benefit all writers to try it.

Go check out! There’s so many stories there, you’re bound to find something you like! And if not, check out the numerous other fanfiction websites!

Do you write fanfiction? Do you find it helps your writing?


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