Game of Thrones Names of the Week 2


Alternate Spelling: Isak
Pronunciation: Eye-zik
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: He Will Laugh; Laughter
Well-Known Isaacs: Isaac (The Fault in Our Stars, John Green), Isaac Mendez (Heroes), Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf), Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Actor), Isaac Hanson (Musician)


Pronunciation: Kit
Origin: Greece
Meaning: Hopeful; Little Cat
Well-Known Kits: Kit Rodriguez (Young Wizards, Diane Duane), Kit Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket), Kit Bailey (Heartland), Kit Walker (American Horror Story: Asylum), Kit Harrington (Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Mazee; Maizy
Pronunciation: May-zee
Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Pearl
Well-Known Maisies: Maisie Beale (What Maisie Knew, Henry James), Maisie Douglas (Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell), Maisie Cattermole (Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling), Maisie Wylde (Emmerdale), Maisie Williams (Actress)


Nickname: Rich; Dick
Pronunciation: Rih-churd
Origin: England
Meaning: Strong Ruler; Powerful
Well-Known Richards: Richard Campbell Gansey III (The Raven Cycle, Maggie Stiefvater), Richard Greyson (Batman Comics), Richard Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), Richard Webber (Grey’s Anatomy), Richard Madden (Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Sofie
Nickname: Soph
Pronunciation: So-fee
Origin: Greece
Meaning: Wisdom
Well-Known Sophies: Sophie Zawistowska (Sophie’s Choice, William Styron), Sophia Neveu (The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown), Sophie Collins Ashdown (Infernal Devices Trilogy, Cassandra Clare), Sophia Webster (Coronation Street), Sophie Turner (Actress)

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