Avengers Names of the Week


Pronunciation: Clint
Origin: England
Meaning: Town on a hill; From Clinton
Well-Known Clints: Clint Barton (Marvel Comics), Clint (Divine by Choice, PC Cast), Clint Dempsey (American Soccer Player), Clint Eastwood (American Actor), Clint Black (American Singer)


Alternate Spelling: Natalya (Russian version)
Nickname: Nat; Tasha
Pronunciation: Nah-tah-shah
Origin: Greece
Meaning: Rebirth
Well-Known Natashas: Natasha Romanoff (Marvel Comics), Natasha Ossopov (War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy), Natasha Hyatt (The Basic Eight, Daniel Handler), Natasha Bedingfield (Singer), Natasha Gregson-Wagner (Actress)


Pronunciation: Pyet-tro
Origin: Italian; Greece
Meaning: Version of Peter; Rock
Well-Known Pietros: Pietro Maximoff (Marvel Comics), Pietro Bembo (Italian Poet), Pietro Aretino (Italian Writer, inventor of modern erotica), Pietro Mennea (Italian Olympic Sprinter), Pietro Mascagri (Italian Opera Composer)


Alternate Spelling: Toni
Pronunciation: toe-nee
Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Short form of Anthony; Priceless One
Well-Known Tonys: Tony Stark (Marvel Comics), Tony Wyzek (“West Side Story”), Tony DiNozzo (NCIS), Tony Bennett (Singer), Tony Hawk (Skateboarder)


Pronunciation: wahn-duh
Origin: German; Slovakia
Meaning: Slender, young tree; wanderer
Well-Known Wandas: Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Comics), Wanda (The Host, Stephenie Meyer), Wanda (Fairly Odd Parents), Wanda Bell (Orange is the New Black), Wanda Rutkiewicz (Polish Mountain Climber)

As you can probably tell, I recently saw Avengers: Age of Ultron and thought it would be fun to have some Avengers themed names this week!

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