Names of the Week


Alternate Spelling: Colins
Nickname: Colin
Pronunciation: call-uhnz
Origin: Ireland; Greece
Meaning: Youth; Victor
While it can be used as a first name, it is most commonly a last name
Well-Known Collins’s: Collins Tuohy (The Blind Side; daughter of Leigh Anne Tuohy), Suzanne Collins (Author), Phil Collins (Singer), Lily Collins (Actress)


Pronunciation: Fenn-ton
Origin: England
Meaning: From the Fen Town; Marsh Town
Well-Known Fentons: Fenton Hardy (Hardy Boys, Franklin W. Dixon), Fenton O’Connell (Castle), Fenton Crackshell (DuckTales), Fenton Bailey (Director)


Alternate Spelling: Maylee
Note: Form of the name Mael, typically a male name meaning ‘Price’
Nickname: Mae
Pronunciation: May-lee
Origin: France
Meaning: Chief; Princess
Well-Known Maeilies: Maelie Roy (Daughter of hockey player Andre Roy)


Pronunciation: Sur-ee
Origin: Persia
Meaning: Red Rose; Princess
Well-Known Suris: Suri Cruise
*There is a lot (and I mean a lot) of debate over the origin of this name. Many people think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes created the name, but this name actually has quite a history in many places. It’s meanings in these places range from ‘Princess’ to ‘Red Rose’ to ‘Thief’ and in some places is even used as nickname for ‘Sarah’.*


Alternate Spelling: Exavier
Pronunciation: Ex-zay-vee-er; Zay-vee-er
Origin: Basque; Spain
Meaning: Owns a New House
Well-Known Xaviers: Xavier (Matched, Ally Condie), Xavier Desmon (Wild Cards, George R.R. Martin), Xavier March (Fatherland, Robert Harris), Xavier Daniels (One Tree Hill), Xavier Samuel (Actor)
As a last name: Charles Xavier (X-Men Comics)

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