Poem of the Week – “she was afraid of being used”

“she was afraid of being used”

my heart had fell to the floor along with my
pants you ripped off of me last night. i could
not believe that i was lucky enough to be in
your sight. they say a good girl was worth
waiting for, and you laughed at the phrase.
you told me a girl is worth waiting for as long
as she stays.

i had been with you six long months and you
finally saw my skin. you were not only my
soul, but my sin. and i had given you a flower
that i would never get back, i planted it in
your heart. i didn’t know that just having sex
with you would tear me apart.

after you got what you wanted we went our
separate ways, and i went back and
remembered that phrase. i was not worth
waiting for, i was not a girl that was good
enough. so once again i made the edges of
my soul too rough. i would never let a man
touch me unless he loves me deep, so when
we went to bed all we’d do is sleep.

– i.c.

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