Names of the Week


Pronunciation: Foss-ter
Origin: France
Meaning: Forest Keeper
*Common Last Name*
Well-Known Fosters: Foster Lambert (Insidious), Foster Brooks (Actor), Michael Foster (The Call), Ellen Foster (Novel by Kaye Gibbons), Jodie Foster (Actress)


Pronunciation: Gal-ih-lay-oh
Origin: Italy
Meaning: From Galilee
Well-Known Galileos: Galileo Galilei (Renaissance Astronomer)
Still not an overly-common name, Galileo has been rising in popular.


Pronunciation: Har-lee
Origin: England
Meaning: Spacious Meadow
Well-Known Harleys: Harley Bagot (An American Tragedy, Theodore Dreiser), Harley Keener (Iron Man 3), Harley Keiner (Boy Meets World), Harley Quinn (Batman Comics), Harley Graham (Actress)


Pronunciation: In-grid
Origin: Scandinavia
Meaning: Ing’s Beauty; Fair
Well-Known Ingrids: Ingrid Magnussen (White Oleander, Janet Fitch), Ingrid Levin-Hill (Down the Rabbit Hole, Peter Abrahams), Ingrid the Show Queen (Once Upon a Time), Ingrid (Almighty Johnsons), Ingrid Nilsen (Youtuber), Ingid Auerswald (Olympic Sprinter)


Nickname: Jess
Pronunciation: Jeh-si-kuh
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Go Beholds; Wealthy
Well-Known Jessicas: Jessica (The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare), Jessica Wakefield (Sweet Valley High, Francine Pascal), Jessica Moore (Supernatural), Jessica ‘Jess’ Day (New Girl), Jessica Alba (Actress), Jessica Jung ( Singer of group “Girls’ Generation”)

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