Names of the Week


Alternate Spelling: Ayko (Though this may change pronunciation)
Pronunciation: Ah-ee-ko
Origin: Japan
Meaning: Beloved ChildWell-Known Aikos: Aiko Senoo (Ojamajo Doremi), Aiko (Naruto), Aiko Tanaka (Oyasumi Punpun, Inio Asano), Aiko Sato (Novelist), Aiko Fukumorida (Manga Artist)


Alternate Spelling: Amaia
Nickname: Maya
Pronunciation: Ah-MY-uh
Origin: Japan; Arabia
Meaning: Night Rain
Well-Known Amayas: Amaya Alonso (Swimmer), Amaya Salazar (Artist), Amaya Uranga (Singer), Amaya Garbayo (Swimmer), Amaya Valdemoro (Basketball Player)
*Thought it was interesting that Amaya has Japanese and Arabic origins, but the name seems to be most popular in Spain and Mexico*


Alternate Spelling: Emi; Emmy
Nickname: Em
Pronunciation: em-ee
Origin: Japan
Meaning: Blessings
Well-Known Emmis: Emmi (Blood Red Road, Moira Young), Emi (Finnish Singer), Emmy Slattery (Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell), Emmy Hennings (Poet)


Pronunciation: sor-uh
Origin: Japan
Meaning: Sky
Well-Known Soras: Sora (Kitchen Princess, Miyuki Kobayashi), Sora (From Up on Poppy Hill, Tetsuro Sayama), Sora (Digimon: Digital Monsters), Sora (Escaflowne: The Movie), Sora (“Kingdom Hearts”


Alternate Spelling: Torah
Pronunciation: Tor-uh
Origin: Japan
Meaning: Tiger
Well-Known Toras: Tora (The Dark Light, Mette Newth), Tora Aasland (Politician), Rota Berger (Olympic Biathlete), Tora Teje (Actress), Torah Jane Bright (Olympic Snowboarder)

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