Supernatural Names of the Week


Nickname: Cas, Cass
Pronunciation: Cas-tee-el
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Angel of Thursday
Well-Known Castiels: Castiel (Supernatural), Former name of a municipality in Switzerland, Angel of Thursday
*Often thought to be an alternate to the name Cassiel*


Pronunciation: deen
Origin: England
Meaning: Leader
Well-Known Deans: Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Dean Thomas (Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling), Dean Moriarty (On the Road, Jack Kerouac), Dean Forrester (Gilmore Girls), Dean Koontz (American Novelist)


Alternate Spelling: Jaryd
Pronunciation: jair-uhd
Origin: Israel
Meaning: Down to Earth
Well-Known Jareds: Jared Grace (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black), Jared Booth (Bones), Jared Howe (The Host, Stephenie Meyer), Jared Scott Gilmore (American Actor), Jared Padalecki (Actor)


Nickname: Jeff
Pronunciation: jeff-ree
Origin: England; Germany
Meaning: Divinely Peaceful
Well-Known Jeffreys: Jeffrey Tifton (The Penderwicks, Jeanne Birdsall), Jeffrey Sinclair (Babylon 5), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (American Actor), Jeffrey Eugenides (American Novelist), Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Buckley (Singer-Songwriter)


Alternate Spelling: Jenson
Nickname: Jay
Pronunciation: jen-suhn
Origin: Scandinavia
Meaning: God is Gracious
Well-Known Jensens: Jensen (Days of Our Lives), Jensen Ackles (Actor), Jensen Button (Formula One racing driver), Jenson McKenzie (German Rock Band)


Nickname: Mare
Pronunciation: mare-ee
Origin: Biblical
Meaning: Bitter
Well-Known Marys: Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers), Mary Malone (His Dark Materials Series, Philip Pullman), Mary Winchester (Supernatural), Mary margaret Blanchard (Once Upon a Time), Mary Jane Watson (Spiderman), Mary Read (English Pirate), Mary Pope Osborne (Children’s Author)


Alternate Spelling: Michsa
Pronunciation: mee-sha
Origin: Russia
Meaning: Like God
Well-Known Mishas: Misha Collins (Actor), Mischa Barton (Actress), Misha B (British Singer), Misha Gabriel Hamilton (American Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Samuel
Pronunciation: Sam
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: From Samuel/Samson
Well-Known Sams: Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Samwise ‘Sam’ Gamgee (The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien), Sam Roth (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series, Maggie Stiefvator), Sam Evans (Glee), Sam Claflin (English Actor)

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