Names of the Week



Alternate Spelling: Arya (pronunciation may vary with this spelling)
Pronunciation: Are-ee-ah

Origin: Italian
Meaning: song; melody

Well-Known Arias: Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars, Author), Aria (Under the Never Sky, Veronica Rossi), Aria Torres (Grey’s Anatomy), Aria Johnson (Singer), Aria Wallace (Actress)
Alternate Spelling: Fabien
Pronunciation: Fab-ee-ann OR Fab-ee-awn

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bean Grower

Well-Known Fabians: Fabian (Twelfth Night, Shakespeare), Fabian Prewett (Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling), Fabian Rutter (House of Anubis, Author), Fabian Cancellara (Cyclist), Fabian Marco Johnson (Soccer Player)
Alternate Spelling: Giovana
Pronunciation: joh-van-ah OR jee-oh-van-ah
Origin: Italian

Meaning: The Lord is Gracious
Well-Known Giovannas: Giovanna Fletcher (Author), Giovanna Ralli (Actress), Giovanna Trillini (Olympic Fencer), Giovanna Amati (Racing Driver), Giovanna Marini (Singer)


Alternate Spelling: N/A
Pronunciation: loo-see-ah OR loo-sha
Origin: Italian
Meaning: Light
Well-Known Lucias: Lucia Honeychurch (A Room With a View, Author), Lucia Damora (Falling Kingdoms, Morgan Rhodes), Lucia Lucas (Mapp and Lucia Series, E.F. Benson), Lucía Etxebarríe (Novelist), Lucia Joyce (Daughter of Author, James Joyce)

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