Brave Young Boys

War is no place for children. When tragedy strikes the Emerson family, everything they know is changed. Going from loving family to strangers living in the same house, will things ever return to how they were? One family’s struggle to come back from a true nightmare as they become painfully aware that war does not just affect those fighting it.

When Kyler Emerson goes away to fight, hoping to make a change in someone’s life, he has no idea the impact that decision will have. But then he doesn’t come and everything his family and friends know changes. Kyler’s parents throw themselves into their work, distancing themselves from their friends, the rest of their family, and even each other. The only time they really speak is when they’re fighting with each other which means they don’t notice how much their younger son Nathan is struggling. How exactly does a thirteen year old cope with losing his older brother? His hero? Then there’s Sebastian, Kyler’s best friend who blames himself for not being able to save Kyler. Can any of them get back to how they were before? Or is this new, miserable existence just the way things are now?



Currently un-agented and un-published, Brave Young Boys (Working Title) is my first novel. Originally written as a short story in 2009, it soon developed into something bigger.

All updates on Brave Young Boys will be published here.

You can read the Brave Young Boys prologue by going here.

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