Things Read in 2015


When I was younger I would read all the time. Literally, just one book after another. I carried one with me everywhere (still do) and even when I wasn’t supposed to be reading, like, during class for example, I did anyway.

Now, being older, I don’t have nearly as much time to read as I would like, but I still try to read as often as I can.

That being said, way back in the summer of 2007 (it’s actually quite a while ago if you think about it), I started keeping a record of how many books I’d read and how many pages they were.

It started being divided by the summer and school years, but then I just started doing it by year. So, now that I’ve babbled on and explained (poorly) how this system worked, here is a list of the things I read in 2015!

The Walking Dead Books 1-4 (Issues 1-8), Robert Kirkman

TWD Books

I was a fan of The Walking Dead show before reading the comics, but after hearing repeatedly how different the comics are from the show I decided I had to read them. I’m not going to get too much into what I thought of the books as I reviewed books 1-4 last year.

I will say that so far I’m thoroughly enjoying the storyline both on the show and in the comics. I plan on reading at least books 5-8 this year (hopefully more, depending on if I can get them from the library).


Death Note Black Edition I, Tsugumi Ohba

black edition i

The only book I read this year that I haven’t reviewed yet. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I wanted to read Black Edition II first.

I’d already watched the anime of Death Note before reading the manga novels and I absolutely loved it. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to read and when I discovered the Black Editions I was even more excited.

The Black Editions are basically two of the novels in one. Instead of spending twice as much and buying the books separate, you spend a couple extra dollars and get two of the books.

Death Note is amazing and I’ll definitely be posting a review of it this year as I recently bought Black Editions II and III.


F*ck! I’m in My Twenties, Emma Koenig

Fck Im in my TwentiesThis book is brilliant. I had wanted to read it for ages and was so glad when I finally did. Emma Koenig perfectly captures the feelings that come with being in your twenties, whatever stage you may be at.

I read and reviewed this book back in February and it is crazy how much changes in a year! Last year I wasn’t in school, had no job, and wasn’t doing too much. Now I feel like I hardly have time to slow down!

It’s absolutely insane how quickly things can change and I definitely need to read this book again to see just how different things are.


A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room, Lemony Snicket

Reptile Room

I still haven’t finished this series! I started it like a year and a half ago and I still haven’t finished. I’m not going to say I’ll finish it this year cause I think we all know if I say that then it won’t happen.

However, I will say that I’m excited to read it again and actually finish it this time because all of these books, not just The Reptile Room, but all of them are amazing and enjoyable.


Handle With Care, Jodi Picoult

Handle With Care

This book still gets me even when I just think about it. I read this book in a matter of days and to this day I would say it’s probably in my top ten favourite novels.

I loved this book, but to this day the ending gets me sooooo angry. If you’ve read it you’ll know what I’m talking about. If not, read this book. Read it because it’s beautiful and wonderful and Jodi Picoult is truly a literally marvel.

And then I want you to come back here and tell me what you thought of the ending and if you were raging for days while simultaneously existing in a state of shock like I was.


Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut

Slaughterhouse FiveThis book is one I need to read again simply because I still don’t think I fully got it. But, like I said in my review (which wasn’t really a review), I think not fully understanding the book actually just makes me like it more.

This is definitely one of those books where even if you don’t fully understand it you’ll enjoy it. This is also one of those books where if you’re a book nerd you should read it. It’s not like the great novels of our time now. There’s no magic or great battle against an evil, superpowered villain.

But there is a story and at the end of the day Slaughterhouse Five is exactly what all great novels start out as and what they all end up being.

I love reading. When people ask me what I like doing the first two things I always say are reading and writing. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember and, even though I don’t have as much time as used to, I don’t doubt it will stay like that.

I look forward to reading many more books over the course of this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish all the books I started at the end of last year and more. My reading goal every year is to do slightly better than the year before.

Total Books Read: 9 (technically 14)

Total Pages: 2595

But I want to hear from you! What did you read last year? Have any reading goals for this year?

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RIP E.L. Doctorow

July 22 - RIP“Writing is like driving a car at night. You can only see as far as the headlights, but you make the whole trip that way.”
– E.L. Doctorow

RIP E.L. Doctorow

Game of Thrones Names of the Week #3


Alternate Spelling: Jac; Jak
Pronunciation: Jak
Origin: England
Meaning: God is Gracious
Well-Known Jacks: Jack Merridew (Lord of the Flies, William Golding), Jack Morgan (Dragonback, Timothy Zahn), Jack Harkness (Torchwood), Jack Shephard (Lost), Jack Dawson (Titanic), Jack Gleeson (Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Jaime
Pronunciation: Jay-mee
Origin: England
Meaning: Derived From James
Well-Known Jaimes: Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin), Jamie Fraser (Outlander, Diane Gabaldon), Jamie Scott (One Tree Hill), Jamie Bennett (Love Actually), Jaime Oliver (Chef)


Pronunciation: Lee-nuh
Origin: Israel
Meaning: Moonlight
Well-Known Lenas: Lena Kaligaris (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Anne Brashares), Lena Grove (Light in August, William Faulkner), Magdelena ‘Lena’ Haloway/Tiddle (Delerium Trilogy, Lauren Oliver), Lena Adams (The Fosters), Lena Headey (Actress)


Alternate Spelling: Nikolaj (Swedish Spelling); Nicholae
Nickname: Nik
Pronunciation: Nee-ko-lie
Origin: Russia
Meaning: People of Victory
Well-Known Nikolais: Nikolai Dephiki (Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card), Nicholae Carpathia (Left Beind, Tim LeHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins), Nikolai Gogol (Author), Nokolai Romanov (Last Czar of Russia), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Actor)


Alternate Spelling: Petyr
Nickname: Peter
Pronunciation: Pee-ter
Origin: England
Meaning: Rock
Well-Known Peters: Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin), Peter Hayes (Divergent, Veronica Roth), Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling), Peter Barlow (Coronation Street), Peter Dinklage (Actor)

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Poem of the Week – “Panic Button Collector”

“Panic Button Collector”

I check my Facebook page 36 times a day for the sole purpose of making sure I have not accidentally posted a nude photo of myself

I reread an email 13 times before pressing send to ensure I have not written something in the email that could convict me of a crime

Before taking a stage when asked if I allow flash photography I always want to say “No” because I’m terrified flash photography will give me epilepsy
I know it doesn’t work like that, still

I never eat nuts on an airplane out of fear of that I will suddenly develop a nut allergy and if I have to asphyxiate I don’t want it to happen at 30,000 feet

Twice in the last two years I’ve been aborted from an airplane for running screaming down the aisles as the plane was taking off

I can’t walk through San Francisco without worrying my indigestion is the beginning of an earthquake

I brace for tsunamis besides lakes in Colorado
I’m not joking
The last time I saw Niagara Falls I couldn’t take it
It was too much much
I had to plug my ears to look at it and close my eyes to listen

Generally I can’t do all my senses at the same time they are too much much

Like if you touch me without warning, whoever you are, it will take everything I have to not hate you

Imagine your hands are electrical sockets and I am constantly aware that I am 70% water
it’s not that I’ve not tried to build a dam
Ask my therapist who pays her mortgage
My cost of living went up
at five years old when I told my mother I have to stop going to birthday parties because every time I hear a balloon pop I feel like I’m gonna get murdered in the heart
Last year a balloon popped on the stage where I was performing, I started crying in front of the whole crowd
plugged my ears and kept repeating the word “LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD” it was super sexy

That’s what I do
I do super sexy

Like when I asked the super cute barista 11 times ‘are you sure this is decaffeinated? Are you sure this is decaffeinated? Are you sure that’- yes I drink decaffeinated and still jitter like a bug running from the bright bright bright

I have spent years of my life wearing a tight rubber band hidden beneath my hair so my brain could have a hug

These days when no one’s looking I wear a fuzzy fitted winter hat that buttons tight beneath the chin

I only ever wear a tie so that when I convince myself I’m choking my senses have something they are certain they can blame

As a kid I was so certain I would die the way of  meteor falling on my head
I would go whole weeks without looking at the sky ‘cause I didn’t want to witness the coming of my own death

I started tapping the kitchen sink seven times to build a shield

My mother started making lists of everything I thought would kill me in hopes that if I saw my fears they would disappear
Bless her heart but the first time I saw that list I started filling a salad bowl with bleach and soaking my shoe laces overnight so in the morning when I ironed them they would be so bright I would be certain I had control over how much dark could break into my light
how much jack hammer could break into my heart
My spine it has always been a lasso that could never catch my breath

I honestly can’t imagine how it would feel to walk into a room full of people and not feel the roof collapsing on my ‘NO NO NO I am not fine’

Fine is the suckiest word
it never tells the truth

And more than anything I have ever been afraid of I am terrified of lies
How they war the world
How they sound by our tongues
How they bone dry the marrow

How did we get through high school without being taught Dr. King spent two decades having panic attacks?
Avoided Windows
Jumped at thunder

I think we are all part flight the fight
part run for your life
Part ‘please please please like me’
Part Can’t breathe
Part scared to say you’re scared
Part say it anyway

You panic button collector
You clock of beautiful ticks
You run out the door if you need to
You flock to the front row of your own class
You feather everything until you know you can always, always shake like a leaf on my family tree and know you belong here

You belong here and everything you feel is okay
Everything you feel is okay

– Andrea Gibson

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Poem of the Week – “new book needed”

“new book needed”

this chapter has been read
many times before
I’ve memorized every word
and no matter how often I recite them
they still sound so ugly
I try to rearrange the sentences
and paragraphs
thinking I may finally unlock
a sequence that makes sense
but am only met with disappointment

– djwilliamspoet

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Connecting Fail

ConnectionsI’m terrible at connecting.

I write blog posts, I have a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Tumblr, and I even signed up for Flipboard (I’m still not totally sure what the point of it is and therefore don’t use it much).

I do fine with the whole media side of social media. I like and favourite things, occasionally I’ll comment on someone’s blog post, and I share things and have hashtags down. It’s the social part of “Social Media” that I struggle with.

When I say I occasionally comment on blog posts, I mean like once in a blue moon. I also favourite a lot of tweets, but am terrible at tweeting at others and connecting with them. I see all these people talking and tweeting with each other and I just sit here like, “How do you do it?”

How do you make these connections? I still have no idea. In the past couple years I managed to make connections with people through my fanfictions and now I’m figuring out how to do it through blogs and social media. It’s something I’m working on figuring out and am hoping to get better at soon.

How did you start making connections through social media and blog posts?


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Irish Names of the Week #3


Alternate Spelling: Fallyn
Pronunciation: Fal-On
Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Of a Ruling Family
Well-Known Fallons: Princess Fallon (Princess of Fire, Shannon Drake), Fallon (Elphame’s Choice, P.C. Cast), Fallon Rogers (The Archers), Fallon Carrington Colby (Dynasty)


Alternate Spelling:
Pronunciation: Im-O-Jin
Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Innocent; Girl
Well-Known Imogens: Imogen (Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, Eoin Colfer), Imogen Herondale (The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare), Imogen Morena (Degrassi), Imogen (Pretty Little Liars, Sara Shepard), Imogen Bailey (Australian Actress)


Alternate Spelling:
Nickname: Ian
Pronunciation: kill-EE-an
Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Conflict
Well-Known Killians: Killian Gottesheim (Prince Otto, Robert Louis Stevenson), Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time), Killian Gardiner (Witches of East End), Killian Brennan (Irish Footballer)


Alternate Spelling:
Pronunciation: Ky-La
Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Narrow
Well-Known Kylas: Kyla Tyson (Holby City), Kyla Kennedy (Actress), Kyla Cole (Slovak Model), Kyla La Grange (English Singer)


Alternate Spelling: Shawn
Pronunciation: Sh-awn
Origin: Ireland
Meaning: God is Gracious
Well-Known Seans: Sean Kendrick (The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater), Sean Potter (Judging Amy), Sean McNamara (Nip/Tuck), Sean Tully (Coronation Street), Sean Patrick Flanery (Actor)

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