Couple things have happened between yesterday and today that I wanted to update you on.

First, normally I would’ve uploaded a book review of some sort today, but after unforeseen circumstances I was not able to do a book review this week. I was planning on typing it up last night, but ended up having to take my dog to the vet suddenly. She’s fine, but I didn’t get any review done for this week.

Second, when I opened my laptop today one of the hinges snapped. My computer still works, but opening and closing it is difficult and I spoke to someone who said I need to be careful because if the hinge snaps off, its so close to where I plug in the cord it could potentially do more damage. I’m hoping to send it off to get fixed ASAP, but until then I’m going to be posting either from someone elses computer or my phone. I’m going to do my best to keep up with my posts the way they have been so far.

Thanks for reading everyone and hope you have an awesome-sauce Wednesday! Please enjoy this picture of my puppy.